Our experienced professional team ensures that each stage of your project goes as planned. 

Project Underway


No smoking, a clean job site, and weekly meetings are routine with Coleman Creek Construction.

Project Completion


When our craftsmen put the final touches on your home, you'll be amazed when you see your new masterpiece.

Moving In

Moving In

 Enjoy your newly renovated or custom-built home. You deserved it!.

A beautiful, inviting home doesn't happen by accident.  It's the product of a talented designer and an experienced builder working together to bring your vision into reality. Coleman Creek Construction provides both and more!

We understand that your house isn't just a "project" -- it's the special place you will call "home." We treat you, your family, and your home with respect, courtesy and cleanliness. Loud radios, smoking and foul language are not tolerated on a Coleman Creek job site. 

Please give us a call and let's find out what your dream home looks like. We'll be happy to help you clarify the options and possibilities for your distinctive vision.

Come draw on our experience -- call us at 541-482-2299 for a FREE consultation and find out why Coleman Creek Construction is unlike any other builder you've ever met!

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